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Jennifer F. Knight

Jennifer F. Knight is a working journalist with an obsessive sort of focus on the full legalization of marijuana in the United States. She's managing member of Bathtub Books, a colorful Colorado publishing house co-founded by Roldo in 2017. Jennifer studied Rhetoric & Writing at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where she inadvertently became hooked on literature, music, billiards, comedy, weed, freedom, and the American dream. Knight is also an ordained Dudeist priest with an unhealthy cosmic connection to Discordianism.

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer Knight can be reached by sending voicemail or text message to 970.236.6336 or by email, mental telepathy, or astral projection. She prefers astral projection.



Martin Torgoff

"Jennifer Knight is a painfully gifted scribe lost in the throes of a nasty writing addiction. She's cursed. I can relate.

Welcome aboard, kid! Enjoy the ride."


Michael Cleverly

"You write well. Most HST fans who send me stuff seem to think they need to smoke a bale of pot before they're up and running. If one is as smart as Hunter maybe it can be pulled off, but most aren't and never will be so I get gibberish which I throw away. Your stuff is well written and lucid. Keep up the good work."