Bathtub Books - Cast of Characters


He's a (former) dope-sniffing military service animal trained in the art of targeting your fourth amendment deal, more or less. KdOG was forced into early retirement when the potentially helpful and potentially harmful Schedule I Controlled Substance

marijuana entered

the initial public stages of its

full legalization in

the United States.

KdOG was stationed outside

Colorado Springs most of that year.

Rather than retire like a gentleman after losing his government job, he became a leading consultant in the international

underground olfactory industry.



Born rather too long ago on the oft frozen prairies of Manitoba, Roldo nonetheless became a musician, actor, writer, and more to the immediate point, cartoonist. And not just any cartoonist; but an Underground cartoonist, having been published (albeit just under the wire) by Last Gasp Eco Funnies. After a brief trip to California he returned home enthused with the idea of drawing comix and produced the five-issue "Snafu Funnies" and some other independent titles as TOOF-ARG-ON Comix Worx along with numerous illustrations for the various Discordian Society publications. After a lengthy absence from graphics he met Jennifer and took up the pen again.


Jennifer F. Knight

The Bathtub Jenn character has been surfing odd couches in colorful Colorado since the passing of Amendment 64, using the private bathrooms of strange and kindred spirits as impromptu recording studios, ingesting heroic doses of highly concentrated weed, experimenting with 11-Hydroxy-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, all for a twisted, unhealthy love affair with Science and the art of Independent participatory journalism.

Bathtub Jenn's new Bootleg Radio Podcast is scheduled to begin production sometime after October 31, 2019 and then it's scheduled to occur again, periodically, or repeatedly most Tuesday afternoons at 4:20pm



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